Ways to bring spectacular events outdoors.

Published on 2 June 2021 at 19:45

Imagine a warm evening, gathered with friends.  Lots of laughter and drinks are flowing from the mobile bar, trees rustling in a mild breeze.  The smell of food cooking away or a selection of cold food platters to graze from.  Maybe its a more romantic setting with a partner you are thinking, perhaps a meal under the stars. The ultimate of entertainment for a teenage birthday party, how about a cinema experience or hot tub or even both.  In more of a mini blog, this month we look at the ways you can confidently bring any event outdoors and how you can add a personal touch to make it your own.

Ultimately what you choose to incorporate in your event will depend very much on the type of event you want to hold and the number of guests attending. There are now lots of options both for shelter as well as entertainment, all of which allow you to have the relaxed atmosphere of being outdoors whilst also offering the shelter available indoors.

One tip we would always recommend is to take into account the time of year for appropriate weather..  Evenings can get a little chilly so baskets with blankets for you guests, fire pits or outdoor heaters are definitely something to consider.  On the other hand in the heat many options available can get extremely warm, so thinking about the time of day if being used for a wedding ceremony so as large numbers of people aren't too warm.

Nordic Tipis and Bell tents

Mixing a bohemian style with an element of rustic finish....... www.katachiefs.com supply stunning and luxurious giant tipis.  Generally made with Scandinavian pine support beams and natural canvas covers,  Nordic tipis have a large area coverage for around 100 guests ideal for weddings and larger events, with the option of multiple tipis being connected for maximum space..  Whilst bell tents by https://www.instagram.com/tribaldreamsuk/ can be used for events in their own right, adding these as an accommodation facility makes an ideal way to have your event totally within a natural setting.

Whether set among the beautiful grounds of https://www.legacy-hotels.co.uk/hotels/wychwood-park-hotel-crewe-cheshire or even set in your own garden, if the space is available, allowing you and your guests to celebrate whilst enjoying a natural outdoor vibe.

The rustic design allows a blank canvas for DIY styling done to your taste and incorporating your own personality.  Ample room for designated areas to set up a mobile bar, dance floor, and benches set at tables.  A very natural setting incorporating chunky styling with log slices, hessian, fairy lights, crates and barrels all with lots of greenery and florals.  Festoon lighting, fire pits inside or out and timeless furniture, all creating a warm cosy feel.

In a similar style but accommodating a smaller maximum of 6 guest list, a bell tent can offer a more intimate feel or an ideal party style for a birthday, engagement or hen party.  Dressed with comfort in mind, lots of cushions, blankets and florals.  Add a rustic table and cushions inside as part of a romantic meal for two with beautiful tablescapes for, candles creating an atmosphere for the most memorable of nights.  Maybe you're having a garden party so larger table setting outside to incorporate grazing food.

A number of venues allow tipis or bell tents on their grounds, but if you decide being close to nature is for you this can also require amenities of a more personal nature.  Out in the middle of now where without toilets needn't be an issue but is certainly something worth looking into before you decide where to have your event.  With numerous companies offering such facilities. you really can set up any where that has ample space to do so.

Marquees and igloo domes

Similar to tipis dependent on the land space you have, marquees offer the option to hold your event in an outdoor space of your choice holding a capacity of around 250 people.  Some Marquee companies offer ready made mezzanine levels, allowing you to have two floors within the marquee, adding interest in addition to being great use of space.   Reveals are popular, where the dining and dancing areas are hidden behind a curtain, when dropped allow guests through to the next stage of your wedding or event.

Again due to its size splitting your marquee into areas works well, guests aren't then all in one corner at the same time.  That said Marquees have a more elegant feel, ideal for a wedding where you want a traditional look alternative to a hotel reception.  Other than fairy lights and outdoor string lighting the styling will be very regal,.  A very classic look with lots of delicate florals and glamorous tablescapes.

Igloo domes are the newest outdoor setting, taking the events world by storm and available again from https://www.instagram.com/tribaldreamsuk.  Perfect for smaller gatherings, utilising the space of your garden for any special occasion and so adaptable where styling is concerned.  Whether this be family time, small celebration party or just a staycation?

Star gazing during a romantic dinner for two with an elegant floral table set up and fairy lights is definitely the most dreamy proposal or even for an alternative to a restaurant anniversary meal.  A must have for the ultimate in party hosting, especially for teenagers wanting something a little different igloos are ideal coupled as a lounge area with an outdoor cinema, later creating sleepover facilities.  All themed to your favourite film with various balloons, table settings, accessories and fabrics being coordinated, not forgetting the graze platters and popcorn.. 

What ever you decide, domes are sure to keep your family and guests entertained throughout the hire duration., withstanding all sorts of harsh weather conditions, keeping your family and guests safe from the elements whilst using the igloo dome.

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