Terms and conditions

Whilst we all love the creative and fun side of our job, we are still conscious of the legalities involved in offering a service.  With that in mind, we have outlined our terms and conditions.  Ensuring transparency and clarity for customers with regards to how we work and what to expect, in return what we expect of our customers.

Currently sales of balloons can go ahead but please be aware wholesalers are taking longer to fulfil their deliveries.  Whilst we stock basic items continually, we would urge you to allow a minimum of 2 weeks for us to be able to obtain any bespoke items such as themed balloons or party accessories.


Care of your balloons

All our balloon designs are made with each individual customer in mind, colour schemes, themes and personalisation being discussed as part of the ordering process. 

We take great pride in our work and care is taken to ensure everything is correct and of a high standard.

That said, there ar a few things to remember when taking care of your balloons so as they last a reasonable lifespan.

Balloons whether air filled or especially helium filled are inevitably affected by temperature.  Please remember heat can cause balloons of any sort to pop so we recommend placing away from any heat source, particularly radiators or fireplaces.  Any balloon garlands or clouds collected from us and displayed on a wall or from the ceiling, it is recommended you consider a place away from any electrical light sources.

In the same way heat can affect any of our balloons,  the cold can cause balloons to deflate.  Never leave balloons in the car or store outside in temperatures less than you would comfortably have your home.


Collecting and travelling with your balloons.

Whilat we are happy to deliver balloons in a small radius, there are a few things to consider if you collect balloons from us.

Place separately on a soft, clean surface ideally on your back seat or boot space.

We would never recommend placing balloons on top of each other as this can cause friction and popping.



Please ensure you check all balloons on collection to make sure you are happy with our work and the condition of your balloons before you leave us...  Once you drive away balloons are then no longer the responsibility of Celebrate In Style - with Clair Louise.



COVID 19 Processes.

Due to the national lockdown we are only taking orders for balloons to be delivered or collected so as social distancing measures are adhered to.  This is how we ensure our items are safe:

  • Payments are bank transfer or PayPal only to reduce contact made.
  • Before handling any stock hands and worksurfaces are sanitised.
  • Items are then left on a sanitised surface in a room where the door is kept closed until collection or delivery.
  • Upon delivery hands are sanitised prior to placing stock in the car and again when arriving at the delivery address and handing the goods over to our customer.  In addition to keeping a 2 metre distance a mask will also be worn.
  • If you prefer to collect your order, the same hygiene process is followed, though upon answering the door hands will sanitised.  Immediately obtaining your goods, handing straight to you.  We do ask in this instance you keep a distance of 2 metres as advised.

When smaller weddings are allowed to go ahead again, we will ensure a mask and full PPE are worn at any venue.  Whether this be for an intimate party in your own home or a larger hotel.  This is in addition to ensuring all styling items used are washed or sanitised before use.  Items not possible to wipe clean or wash (ie wood, artificial flowers) have been replaced ready for when we can safely work and for the time being removed from hire.  Should you wish to hire such items, you will be charged at a higher cost due to the need to replace after each use.

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